Chemical Estimate Form

Total turf square footage      +/-      ________ Turf Type: _____________________
Number of treatments per year     ________  Rounds:  1  2  3  4  5  6  Insect  Aeration

Aeration Only __________ +tax (customer request)
Insect Control Only: __________
Weed Control Only ________+ tax (Rounds 1 and 2)
(Does not include spot spraying after 30 days from last application)

Chemical Only Program (6 Applications)                              ________+ tax
Chemical + Insecticide Program  (7 Applications)                 ________+ tax
Chemical + Aeration Program (6 Applications + Aeration)    ________+ tax
Full Elite Program (7 Applications + Aeration)                       ________+ tax
* Programs started after the first application are prorated based upon number of applications needed.

Spot spraying will be done throughout the growing season after the second herbicide application. We will monitor your yard as we make our regularly scheduled visits, and on unscheduled visits. If you have anything you need done, please contact us at any time and we will do our best to be there ASAP to take care of your needs. Spot sprays are free on broadleaf weeds. There could be grassy weeds such as Dallis or Nutsedge that require a small fee just to cover the cost of the chemical (they are very expensive).

It is imperative that in order to have the healthiest lawn possible that you have it on a regular mowing schedule. We recommend at least once per week for Bermuda and at least once every 10 days for Fescue and Zoysia, but once per week is even better. This is for yards that are irrigated. Non-irrigated yards can go longer between cuts due to the lack of growth.  Sharp blades are also essential to plant health. Dull blades can lead to jagged tips and cause the grass to be more open to disease.

Non-irrigated turf is more susceptible to weed infiltration, as are areas that get very little water in irrigated yards. To have the healthiest turf, you need to water the plant, but not too much. Too much water is very harmful and can lead to disease. We recommend watering in the very early morning hours. Late in the afternoon/evening can lead to problems such as fungus growth. We will work with you to establish the best watering routine for your yard.

Customer applications of fertilizer are not recommended. We have a very strict plant diet and any additional fertilizers that you put down can possibly lead to problems. Please contact us if you think your yard is lacking a certain nutrient. Weed control only services usually lead to some weed issues if no fertility is used to thicken up the turf during the growth season. Fertility also helps your turf recover faster from drought conditions. 

Do not hesitate to call us if you have an issue with your lawn. We strive to have great customer service.. A few weeds are not a problem but need to be addressed.  A lot of weeds are a problem. Dead turf is a major problem. We are always trying to do what is best for the overall health of your lawn.

We offer many other services: Aerations, Overseeding, Irrigation Repair, etc… Just ask! If we can’t do it, we will find someone that can. We can’t stress the need for aerations enough.

Weather and soil temperature plays a MAJOR factor in our program. We sometimes get behind due to wind/rain/temperatures. That leads to doing multiple applications. We try to avoid this before rounds 5 and 6, but sometimes that’s just going to happen. 

Thank you for your business. As always, call us with any questions or concerns:

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870.404.0990                    870.421.2061