Commonly asked Questions:

When can we use our lawn after an application?

When the application is dry, the lawn may be used as normal.


Are the applications harmful to my family and pets?

The products that we use are mixed and applied according to the stringent requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency. In their diluted form they are considered by the E.P.A. to be practically non-toxic. There is not a single credible study linking lawn care products to any adverse health effect. Most of the chemicals we use are available for consumer purchase at retail outlets and nurseries. For more information on pesticide safety please visit


Do you provide organic lawn treatments?

We do not currently provide organic lawn treatments. All natural lawn care products are available: however, these products do not undergo the rigorous testing required to be approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. There is no evidence that these products are safer or more effective than products now in common use by professionals and do-it-yourselfers.


Do you mow? 

At the current moment, we do not offer mowing services, but we have several professional companies we can refer to you. 


How do you do billing?

Edens Turf will email you an invoice, or we will mail you an invoice at your request. Technicians are not allowed to accept cash payments or invoice payments. 


How do I pay my bill?

Edens Turf accepts payments via credit card using PayPal or you can mail your payment to 183 Noble Ln. Mountain Home, AR 72653. We can bill per application or bill for an entire season. Let us know what you feel more comfortable doing. 


Do you require me to sign a contract?

No, there is no contract to sign or any obligation on your part. Our results speak for themselves.


Is there a charge for service calls?

This depends upon your program. If you are signed up for weed control only, and require weed control 30 days past the last application, there will be a charge. For full chemical plan customers, there is no service charge. Please allow a few days for the fertilizer and weed control to take full effect. If, within 2 weeks of your application, you need more weed control simply contact us. We will send your technician out free of charge. Applications are scheduled approximately 5-7 weeks apart. If a service call is requested and it has been 6 weeks or longer since the last application, the next application will be applied instead of a service call.

We will return, at no additional charge, to take care of any weeds that remain or to add any additional fertilizer after an application has been made, upon being notified by you, the customer. Edens Turf will do everything reasonably possible to make sure that every one of our customers is satisfied.


Are you licensed and insured?

Yes to both. Commercial lawn care applicators are required by the Arkansas State Plant Board to be licensed and insured to apply pesticides of any sort. All lawn care application technicians are required to be tested, certified and re-certified every three years.


Why are there yellow spots in my yard after you spot treated for weeds?

Sometimes after an application in the summer months, the yard will get a little burn to the leaves of the plant. Also in extreme temperatures, the weed control, which kills weeds, can stress your turfgrass creating temporary yellow appearance. This condition usually will go away after you mow your lawn and fertilizer has taken effect. Please follow the listed watering instructions to aid in the recovery of a lush green lawn. 


Why do I still have Dallisgrass and nutsedge after an application?

Dallisgrass and nutsedge cannot be suppressed with pre-emergents. They have to be controlled with specialty herbicides (that are very costly) with multiple treatments. Depending upon your situation, there could be a surcharge to cover chemical costs on these service treatments. 


Do I have to be home for you to do an application?

No. Most of our lawns are serviced during normal working hours. Unless otherwise instructed, your technician will complete his work and leave an information slip at your door.


What if it rains the day you did an application?

Rain is beneficial following a pre-emergent or fertilizer treatment and will not affect results. If after 7-10 days, the weeds do not begin to shrivel, please call and we will gladly retreat the weeds at no additional cost to you. Most times, a couple of hours is going to be sufficient in herbicides doing their job to eliminate the weeds in your  turf. 


What about lawn diseases like Spring Dead Spot and other fungi? 

Our trained applicator will notify you if your lawn shows signs of disease. He'll also advise you on the best treatment. Because lawn diseases are unpredictable and treatments are so variable, there is no guarantee of results. Application of lawn disease control is not part of our regular program and will be applied, as conditions require.