Chemical Applications

Here is a breakdown of what we offer with our chemical applications. This is not an exact timeline, nor an exact absolute what will happen with your lawn. There are many factors such as weather, disease, soil temperatures, etc… We will always strive to do what is best for your lawn and your particular situation. 

1. January/ February:
1st spring Pre-emergent herbicide application/Grassy weed control

This application will prevent annual weeds, such as poa anua and crabgrass, from taking over your lawn. This application will not prevent every grassy weed, but it will give your lawn a good start to spring by  preventing the most devastating weeds from germinating. New March clients will get this application.


2.  April/- May:
2nd spring Pre-em app./ Broadleaf weed control chemical

This application will further the window of control of the 1st pre-emergent herbicide application, and it will also eradicate any broadleaf weeds that may have germinated during the early spring. This could string out to late May, especially for our new customers.

* It important to understand that you will always have weed germination, but with this program, most weeds should be either eradicated or prevented. Any weeds not controlled with these first two applications will be spot sprayed throughout the season. Furthermore, some weeds are heartier than others and require more attention. 


3. May/June:
oysia Lawns - Grub Control

Grubs can be devastating to Zoysia turf. They will eat away at roots until the turf has thinned and died, and this is why it’s important to have this insecticide eradicate most of the population of grubs in your soil. We avoid fertility applications to Zoysia until June. This is for fungal reasons. 


Bermuda Lawns - 1st Fertilizer application to stimulate healthy growth

Bermuda turf needs more Nfertility than Zoysia turf does. It also isn’t as susceptible to grub damage as Zoysia, so this is a good time to make the first fertilizer application. We will try to put down no more fertilizer than the turf can use for a 5-6 week period. This should give the turf a good consistent and healthy growth during this period. We are also very conscious of nutrient runoff in to the water table, so we will never apply more fertilizer to the lawn than the turf can use. Our fertilizers are  50% slow release so the fertilizer is not completely used up quickly after application.     


4. June/July:
2nd Fertilizer application on Bermuda, 1st fertilizer application on Zoysia


5. August-September:
3rd Fertilizer application on Bermuda, 2nd fertilizer application on Zoysia


6.  August –September:
Fall pre-emergent herbicide application. This application in some instances will be done in combination with the 5th application. 


Insect Control:

We can do insect control on your lawn and landscape to control a variety of common insects such as Japanese Beetles, Moel Crickets, Clover Mites, Stink Bugs, Spiders, Ticks, Earwigs, Mosquitoes, Chinch Bugs, Millipedes, Fleas (outside), Flies, Pill Bugs, Scorpions, Roaches, Ants (over 75 common pests)

*Edens Turf is fully licensed and insured